Our Mission


To position the issue of the deterioration of the bodies of water and their environment with riparian residents, users of the environment and government bodies.



To protect and improve the water quality of our waterways and their environment with the desired outcome of having clean water and a healthy natural environment. To raise awareness and educate riparian residents, users, businesses and government bodies in order for them to become eco-responsible citizens and organizations.



  1. Increase the number of Lake Association memberships in the Federation of Lakes in order to achieve the greatest representation of lakes in Val-des-Monts.  
  2. Promote and support participation in the activities of the Federation of the Lakes of Val-des-Monts by residents, other users and by the various entities who play an active role in the environment. 
  3.  Promote the Federation with the help of its partners within the framework of a strategic plan to ensure technical support and adequate funding for the Federation.
  4. Be visible and accessible, via the Federation website, the Echoes of our Lakes newsletter, Water Quality Day, new social media and traditional media, and maintain appropriate links with key players from the region.
  5. Promote and contribute to integrated water management in Val-des-Monts in order to ensure the sustainable development of bodies of water and their natural environment. 
  6. To support and influence the Municipality of Val-des-Monts and the MRC des Collines in the implementation of their environmental policies and programs insofar as they are compatible with the vision, mission and objectives of the Federation and to establish an environmental and regulatory oversight committee.

  7. Develop an action plan to raise awareness and engage the next generation of Val-des-Monts residents so that they become environmentally responsible citizens as regards the preservation of our bodies of water.