Become a member of the Federation

Your lake association is not yet a member of the Federation? What are you waiting for? Join a group of people committed to the protection of lakes in Val-des-Monts and learn more about the environment and the health of lakes.

• Water sampling of your lake, especially for total phosphorus and fecal coliforms, is an essential practice for monitoring water quality. By being a member of the Federation, you get a preferential rate to do water sampling as described above. You also get resources from the Federation to help you understand the results.

• Would you like to create a lake association? See (French version) here

For further inquiries regarding membership, contact Stéphanie Milot at:


Friends of the Federation


The Federation of Lakes of Val-des-Monts is a non-profit organization.  Its mission is to protect and improve the water quality of our waterways and their environment with the desired outcome of having clean water and a healthy natural environment by creating awareness and educating riparian residents, users, businesses and government bodies so they come to be eco-responsible citizens and organizations.

Would you like to support the issue of water quality of your lake? Make a donation to the Federation of Lakes of Val-des-Monts and obtain a charitable receipt for income tax purposes. To become a supporter of the Federation, fill in the form: Click here