Good Environmental Practices

The Federation of Lakes of Val-des-Monts recommends that residents and lake users apply rigorous environmental practices to prevent inputs of nutrients from human activities.

• Respect the integrity of the shoreline, do not mow the lawn and replant, if necessary.

• Do not deposit backfill or materials that may leach or pollute within the shoreline.

• Become a member and take part in the associative life of your lake.

• Maintain and inspect the septic system. Make sure that all the plumbing flows into the septic tank (washbasin, washing machine, etc.) and not into a drain around the house or directly into the natural environment.

• Use non-motorized pleasure craft or restrict the speed limit to reduce the impact of waves on shorelines.

• Restrict the use of pesticides, herbicides and domestic phosphorus-based products.

• Reduce the contamination of aquatic invasive species by washing your boat before using another body of water.

• Do not mow the lawn or place backfill or other materials inside the shoreline.

• Ensure the stability of culverts on private roads that may lead to leaching of sand or other materials into water bodies.

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